Payroll Service

MinistryWorks® by Brotherhood Mutual is different from other payroll service providers. Like our agency, they work exclusively with churches and related ministries. They understand the unique needs and challenges of ministry payroll.

How are they different from other providers?

  • MinistryWorks products are priced intentionally with the goal of saving your ministry money so you can dedicate funds to your outreach efforts.
  • MinistryWorks seeks to establish a one-on-one relationship with your ministry and be your payroll partner.


The MinistryWorks team directs all of its resources toward understanding your church’s or ministry’s payroll needs and requirements. In addition, they offer unparalleled customer service. Regardless of the size of your ministry’s payroll, the MinistryWorks team can help.

MinistryWorks is available in all states. Contact us to learn more, or visit